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As it will be protected from stealing

According to data of statistics, 60 % of stealingAs it will be protected from stealing s occur in the afternoon, in crowded places and instantly when the owner leaves thecar literally for 2-3 minutes. Each owner of the car does not want, that have stolen its car, but is far not everyone knows, how it to make better. Safety of the car in many respects depends on time during which this or that system is capable to protect the car from concrete actions of the person stealing the car. The first stealing of the car has been fixed in 1898 when somebody has stolen Peugeot the French aristocrat. The car have quickly found because then in Paris was all up to two tens car so to get lost among them it was impossible. Nowadays stealing of cars - one of the main segments of criminal business.

In Ukraine the peak of activity of stealing of cars has fallen to 90th years when because of high cost of anticreeping systems they were inaccessible to the majority of motorists. The wide circulation of signal systems and imobilayzers has added electronics to traditional master keys and convolutions: grabbers and scanners. Now the qualified programmers, electronicians, signalmen and psychologists are involved in this business. They not only crack ultramodern security systems and develop new algorithms of plunders, but also serially let out the tools necessary for activity stealing car.

Special value for stealing the car has got the Internet. Here not only it is possible to exchange experience or to throw to colleagues a challenge, but also to order devices necessary for stealing. From second half of 2004 in times the quantity of plunders of old сars, which cost in the secondary market of no more than hundred dollars has increased. Them steal for the sake of metal. As a rule, old cars are stored somehow and not equipped even with primitive means against stealing. The number of stealings of cars of 1985-1995 of release grows also - more often they keep up under disassembly. Because of expensive or inaccessible original and license spare parts, and also poor quality counterfeit completing demand for them grows. On these cars simple security systems are established, cope with which beginners can even. Last two years in Ukraine the number of stealings of new representation cars, especially decreases after on demand of insurers and the Interpol automobile manufacturers began to equip expensive cars with effective security systems. But as soon as algorithms of their deactivation will be developed, the quantity of stealings of representation cars and models of a business class again will sharply grow.

Stealings of cars share on three classes: intellectual, shameless and impudent. At shameless stealing on the automobile owner armed assault is made. At impudent - for stealing the car or theft of property from interior the psychology is applied. Both of a way are actively used in Ukraine. But much greater interest represents an intellectual method with application of means and high qualification of executors. That in one fine day to not find out absence of the car a lot of measures for maintenance of anticreeping safety of the car is resulted.

For the beginning to get and establish good anticreeping system. Each time at when leave interior of the car take away with itself a key of ignition. Closing the car develop at itself a habit to supervise keys, windows, a luggage carrier and a cowl, doors of the car, installation on signal systems and even contents of interior - the valuable things often enough left in interior provoke thieves to stealing. As it is necessary to prepare the machine for parking that it has not fallen prey to thieves: merge gasoline, remove the accumulator, cover with a cover. Thus if you will put the machine for the winter do not forget to shake from it a snow that the car did not make impression thrown and have not been disassembled on spare parts.

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