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The basic kinds of bodies of cars

Some names of automobile bodies were generated in days of crews, with a horse, and have passed to modern motor industry from that epoch. Кузов седан In their manufacturing masters on manufacturing carriages firstly were engaged and the car was the same carriage, only without a shaft and with the engine. We shall list the basic kinds of bodies of cars. "Sedan" is the most widespread kind among cars of an average, and especially, a business class. It is closed, four-two or six doors, a three-volumetric body. Three-volumetric means, that the body consists of a forward motor compartment, passenger interior and an acting luggage carrier. From the end of 40th years "sedan-notchback" with two lines of seats became classical.

“Hatchback”. The term consists of two words which are translated as "back" and "hatch". Кузов хечбек It is a question of the car at which the cover of a luggage carrier is combined with back glass and rises upwards. It is a two-volumetric body as the passenger interior and a luggage carrier, are as though merged together. There are pluss and the minuses. For example, distribution of a smell from a luggage carrier - such as, for example a smell of gasoline from the canister - in interior is probable. Pluss - always it is possible to combine a back line of seats and to receive additional cargo space. A cover of a luggage carrier still sometimes name the fifth or third door.

"Universal" it is very close relative of "hatchback". Кузов универсал In interior the difference consists only that at "hatchback" the luggage space is covered by the easily removable decorative panel. In “universal” a luggage carrier sometimes separate from interior a grid. Usually and luggage carrier “universal” is more. Cars with this type of bodies even more often do completely drive by off-road cars with increased hovergap. The body of a compartment, basically, is put on the powerful, highly equipped, prestigious, sports models. Frequently-it double cars. The second line of seats either is absent, or is close enough for passengers. A luggage carrier small. The engine can settle down in the middle, that is at once behind a forward line of seats, that positively influences on razvesovka the car.

Кузов родстер

If to equip a compartment with a developing top, we shall receive "roadster". Such cars cost rather dearly and are intended for driving in a warm season. Are packed by a back drive, the powerful motor and an easy body. The majority of the first racing cars were roadsters, from the name of Bavarian city Landau there was a name of a body “Lando”. Presently this type does not meet any more. The top at this car opened only above a back line of seats.

Кузов кабриолет

"Cabriolet". In modern value - the car with a leaning back top, harmonious and demountable lateral windows is equipped "cabriolet". There are variants - for example, a кабрио-limousine where lateral windows are not cleaned The cabriolet shares on subspecies: a phaeton and targa. Modern cars-cabriolets have top from vinyl or cloths and, as a rule, are equipped only to two doors.

Кузов лимузин

"Limousine". Limousine - so the province in France refers to. These are the representative cars calculated on the maximal comfort for passengers. Between a seat of the driver and a back line of seats the partition is usually put. Dialogue occurs or on internal communication, or through a window. In interior the bar, phone, the TV, and in some models made under the individual order is established, managed to mount even small pool.

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