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Color of the car

MercedesBy researchers it is established, that painting of the car essentially influences an estimation of its speed and distances up to it. For example, apparently, that the red car moves and is on closer distance, than actually, and cars of dark blue and green colors - on the contrary more quickly. White color has returned To the USA on the first place in preferences of a choice of painting of the car. White or pearl-white have superseded from the first positions such popular color during long time, as silvery. This shade was the permanent leader in the American market within last seven years.

Now silvery it was displaced on the second place in preferences of Americans, and the third favourite choice there are cars of black color. Young men choose more juicy and expressive shades like orange, red and yellow is more often. Shortly on the first positions will leave poorly popular now brown. In motor industry it actually was not used since 80th years. As in some years of more and more buyers will prefer cars of cheerful colors - dark blue, yellow and red whereas the demand of "legal" colors will decrease.

In Russia buyers do not think at all to refuse from silvery. Silvery on pair with black, despite of an opportunity easily soiled, draws buyers both in a luxury segment, and in a golf-class. But at the same time with bright, emotional design Russians would like to see the car in brighter coloring: dark blue or even scarlet. The American researchers have revealed, that cars of dark color were participants of 57 % of the incidents which have happened with cars of control group, while cars of light and bright painting - participants of 43 % of road and transport incidents. Interrogation of 147 policemen-traffic controllers from which 47 have noted has been lead to Belgium, that by means of color of the car it is possible to raise a level of traffic safety considerably.

Passing by pedestrians, it is necessary to consider, that children and people of middle age keep at rather greater distance from светло-red and yellow cars, and elderly try to pass road in front of such cars on the most close distance. Probably, it is connected by that for them red and yellow colors associate with signals of a traffic light. Besides older persons distinguish these colors more boldly and contrastly, that gives to them some confidence, in fact they are at a loss to define distance up to cars of dark and grey shades. To the visual illusions caused by color, distortion of perception of the sizes of object concerns also. For example, cars of dark colors visually seem smaller, than light. Probably also the deformed perception of object. In some cases because of color of its car it is possible to not notice.

As well as much can tell many things, this or that choice of color of the car about the owner, and also emphasize its individuality. So black color of the car for a long time became a symbol of authority and influence. All cars of presidents, ministers, kings, large businessmen are painted, as a rule, in black color. And here persons bright, extravagant choose the same bright colors and for the cars. Therefore habitually to see young carefree people by cars of bright red or any other bright color. Therefore the choice of color of the car - a question not unimportant, in fact from it depends very much much.

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