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Principles of correct braking

A plenty of failures happens from wrong braking. The best braking is provided when wheels are on the verge of blocking. The most effective way of a stop this threshold braking. Such braking - demands from you possession of technics of braking and sensation of the car. For this purpose it is pressed a pedal rhythmically that you could feel as you pull a seat belt as you continue to move forward. That the nobility as it is strongly possible to press a pedal before blocking wheels - it is necessary to practise. If you make an emergency stop and hear a sound of trunks and they start to smoke, it is necessary to release a pedal on small distance to stop blocking wheels and to return to itself management of car.

If you release a pedal too strongly your perfectly controllable brake way will be very long. Achievement from threshold braking is that you do not lose the control over car and at any moment can take advantage of an opportunity to go round an obstacle. As well as any technics of management, braking demands concentration. Give itself more place up to ahead going car. Thus you receive enough time for reaction and maneuvers. Look forward as it is possible further as soon as possible to receive an alarm signal in case of an emergency. Also it is not necessary to give in to a temptation and to go on sparks ahead of the going car, its driver blind can. Too most it is important and at turns. When you lead up the car to a limit happens very difficultly to dump speed and to turn.

That to you to not get in a trap, you need to switch smoothly speeds downwards when you brake. The engine to be on too small turns for the included speed. On a regular basis examine brake system and in due time eliminate any malfunctions. Do not forget, that after a series of intensive braking the system effectiveness decreases because of heating disks and shoe tree. Closely observing of an event through glasses ahead of the going car, it is possible to receive time for decision-making. And having blacked out back glass of the car, you increase risk of impact behind. Be not reconstructed directly ahead of lorries and buses. If you should brake sharply, the driver of the car with smaller efficiency of braking will stop in a luggage carrier of your car.

Skill correctly to brake is a skill as much as possible to use coupling wheels with road, to keep controllability of the car, to apply braking by the engine. Depending on a situation, for example, on rough road or on sites of coverings with different factors of coupling that forward wheels kept controllability, faltering braking with short-term blocking wheels is applied and partially to release pedals. To press a pedal follows on dry pure or equal asphalt and to release it before departure a slippery site.

If simply periodically to press a pedal « in a floor », for operation of brake mechanisms time is required. There is their "braking", and during any moment of a brake can not have time to be unblocked. Any braking should be carried out by the included transfer, and to switch off coupling follows practically before the stop of the car. Thus both in the winter, and it is necessary to use the same technics of braking in the summer. With each subsequent pressing pressure upon pedals can weaken or grow in technicsof step braking. Thus, it is necessary to define such force of pressure upon a pedal to brake on slippery road, not causing blocking of wheels and sliding of the car. Such braking is preferable in emergency situations.

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