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Mercedes-Benz is a style of a life

Mercedes-Benz is not only the name of mark of the car, let and world famous. A Mercedes is a special style of the life, precisely generated image of business success, a steady vital position, elegance and aristocratism in their best displays. The person owning Mercedes-Benz, involuntarily causes at surrounding trust and respect as creates around of itself aura of reliability, composure and confidence of the future. As shows an expert, with purchase of this car the person imperceptibly for itself tries to correspond to the developed image.

One of significant advantages of car Mercedes-Benz consists in variety of offered models. Today the consumer has the broadest opportunities on purchase of the individual car. Any desires can be used in cars - a maximum of comfort and dynamics. Each of models is unique and has the advantages - all depends on desire and preferences of the separate person.


For example, the car A-class is an ideal partner for active people for whom on the first place there is a practicality and safety. In A-class the second generation a lot of the novelties raising safety and comfort of movement is used. In cars adaptive two-level forward pillows of safety, seat belts ahead and on back lateral seats, adaptive terminators of a tension of a seat belt and new lateral pillows of safety for protection of a head and a thorax have been established. Capacity of engines of this model has increased on the average on 38 %, twisting moment - on 46 %, the charge of fuel was reduced to 10 %.

The car B-class is an optimum variant for the people preferring big capacity, exclusive comfort and elegant design. Mercedes-Benz a B-class combines expressive design with well thought over konсept - balance of emotions and rationality. From the point of view of emotions, In-class offers unique, dynamical style and a high level of pleasure from driving. From the point of view of rationality, B-class offers a practicality, and as always high standards of safety and quality. In-class is the present representative of family of cars Mercedes-Benz from the point of view of safety, comfort and reliability, and such qualities as individuality, style and pleasure from driving will help mark to secure strongly the Mercedes-Benz a rank of the innovator in this class.


C-class for those who appreciates refinement of furnish and wishes to receive unique sensations on dynamics from driving. Safety, comfort and a maneuverability - qualities of the present car which embodiment became stepping onstage new C-class. Mercedes-Benz represents three original lines of execution AVANTGARDE, ELEGANCE and CLASSIC which, depending on the individual character, are allocated either the raised comfort, or the raised maneuverability.

The model of the E-class has been developed by a principle of an optimum combination of the price and quality. Along with the outstanding characteristics the E-class is remembered by the unique design. The E-class again confirms the positions of the technological leader owing to such innovations as system PrE-SaFej, Intelligent Light System, headrests NECK-PRO and adaptive lanterns of a stoplight which in such combination any other car in the world cannot offer, concerning to the given segment. Having such extensive list of systems of safety onboard, the E-class becomes the most safe car in the class.


Cars of a S-class during long time differ the especial elegance, independence and improbable capacity. B a batch production of a new S-class a lot of perspective technical decisions is realized, that again confirms value of flagman model Mercedes-Benz as the sample and the fashion-maker in development of automobile motor industry as a whole. Exclusive safety on the basis of the advanced technologies and the highest rideable comfort were and remain firm difference of a S-class. Besides the new sedan differs magnificent controllability that provides higher level of dynamics. New engines of the raised capacity guarantee even more pleasures against driving. The new S-class comes in the stead of model which is considered the recognized leader in the maximum automobile segment.

The new R-class also provides exclusive open space, exemplary safety and comfort of the highest level for six passengers. Besides in new Mercedes-Benz the aesthetics of forms, a representative kind and - not in the last instance - magnificent dynamics and pleasure from driving involve. On the sizes the R-class is comparable to a sedan of the maximum class, possessing thus a much greater stock of internal space. It has appeared possible owing to the modern concept of the car and the successful configuration which have been thought over up to trifles.

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