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Mercedes-Benz. History of a legend

Difference of many known automobile marks became that behind their creation usually stood two persons who were united with the general idea and aiming at success. So has occured and to mark "Mercedes." Mercedes-Benz - the German company specializing on release of cars and engines, based in 1926. Now is affiliated company of concern " Daimler-Benz " which is in Stuttgart. In the end of the nineteenth century two talented German engineers - Gottlieb Daimler and Charles Benz - have opened the first workshops in different cities of Germany. Working in parallel many years, they also did not suspect about existence each other, each of them went the by. When all was found out, they have turned to competitors that stimulated technical progress and new inventions.


Gottlieb the Daimler was born on March, 17th, 1834 in Shorndorf, in a valley of Rheims, in family of the owner of a bakery and a wine bench. The young man it shows interest to new technics - at that time there was a development of steam machines and railways. Having ended polytechnical school in Shtudgard, gets acquainted with Wilhelm Majbahom with whom in the further will fruitfully cooperate. In 1872 it accepts the offer to hold a post of technical director at enterprise Nikolausa Otto - the inventor of an internal combustion engine.

In 1882 the Daimler together with Majbah opens own enterprise in Kannshtadt, and in 1885 they have patented the first successful high-speed internal combustion engine and have designed the carburettor which has made possible use as fuel of gasoline. The first car which has received name Mercedes, has been created in 1899 year, in honour of the daughter of one of co-owners of the company - the Austrian businessman, the diplomat and inveterate race driver Emil Ellinek. When to it there were only 11 years, it has demanded from the father that the machine which it intended to buy, had its name. It at once has won races and that has brought popularity of company Daimler. After death Gottlieb of Daimler management of firm has passed to its true assistant to engineer Wilhelm Majbah.

Approximately at the same time Charles Benz was engaged in development and manufacture of cars, it come Karlsru. In 1883-1884 Benz establishes company Benz and Cо. Not suspecting about existence Gottlieb of Daimler, they independently from each other created surprisingly similar inventions. The main difference was that Benz's first car was three-wheeled with back driving wheels. In 1885 he has adjusted a batch production «hree-wheeled motorcycle», but really Charles Benz has become famous in 1888 owing to the wife who has made a desperate act. In the early morning while Benz still slept, ishe with two children has taken the car of the husband and has gone to the first in history of the car long travel. This precipitate action she wished to prove a practicality of the car and its pliability to a female hand. Travel from Manngeyms in Fortskhaym and back in the general extent about 180 km proceeded five days and has ended very successfully, having proved a practicality of the car as vehicle.

In 1926 there was merge Daimler Geselschaft and Benz und Co. An official emblem of this union became a three-beam star which symbolized success of mark on a land, in water and in air. The emblem became the general for the incorporated concern, and cars began to be delivered on the market under trade mark Mercedes-Benz. Racing «Mercedes» won at many international competitions spent before the first world war. New «Mercedes» not only impressed with the impressive sizes, but also weighed 3 500 kg, and the charge of fuel was a match for dimensions: 30 litres on 100 km. Run of all it has been let out such 88 cars. Cheap enough model "Тип-170", with the tubular frame, independent forward and back suspension brackets which release has begun in 1931 was offered the ordinary consumer.


Some years later concern began to make the first diesel cars, having offered buyers 2.6-liter " Type-260 D ", and the command of designers under direction of Porsh already prepared for manufacture of model with the motor behind: " 130 N ", " 150 N " and " 170 N " which represented the big interest, it has been let out about 90000 similar cars down to 1942 - huge figure on those times for the automobile market. Besides the field of activity of the company has extended. By 1938 concern " Daimler-Benz " already dominated over the German market not only cars, but also lorries and buses, and development V-shaped engines from twelve cylinders became a basis of power "Luftwaffe".

On the eve of the Second world war «Daimler-Benz» became the largest manufacturer of cars in the Europe. With Hitler's coming to power orders for military technics have sharply increased. Company " Daimler-Benz " became the developer of the easy five-ton tank who has taken part in the Second world war. During war «Daimler-Benz» delivered lorries on front. After war some time for restoration of the destroyed factories was required. However manufacture of pre-war cars was possible to adjust the companies quickly and to start development of new models. So, in 1954 there was a well-known sports compartment 300SL with original doors in the form of « a wing of the seagull », not had analogues all over the world.


In 1990th years there was a radical reorganization of the program «Mercedes-Benz». The company has presented production in several new sectors of the market, there is an expansion modelling of some. Tens models and updatings of 12 separate series are offered buyers. In 1998 German company " Daimler-Benz " was included into uniform transnational corporation " Daimler-Chrysler " with headquarters in Stuttgart.

Now cars " Mercedes-Benz " pass rigid quality assurance, are exposed to various tests in the most improbable conditions before will be let out on roads. «Mercedes-Benz» is the present German quality supported by century traditions. Moreover, cars " Mercedes-Benz " are a mortgage of safety since the various adaptations established in the car help the driver to keep a life and health in difficult situations.

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