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Culture of driving

As well as in a life, and on road there are unwritten laws and rules. Here only not drivers know all about their existence. If you have made way for the car hastening after you. In turn, its driver has included the alarm system in the answer. Thus it has thanked that you have moved more close to a right edge of road of a part and have created to it favorable conditions for overtaking. About similar light signals know in many countries. However, not all this language understand. And someone uses it absolutely illiterately: blinks headlights for no reason at all, frightens of a horn of neighbours in a near number, and even at all builds terrible physiognomies. In a word - creates nervous and even aggressive conditions. And in fact any driver admits: the soul sings after a meeting with the polite and benevolent colleague-driver on road.

In opinion of drivers, such signals help to create benevolent conditions on road and to raise safety of traffic. Positively concern to their use and employees of the Traffic police. The most widespread signal on our lines - two short-term inclusions of a headlight. It means, that ahead on a course of movement the employees who have hidden in an ambush of the Traffic police sit. Or that on the party of movement of counter transport there is any danger. Having received such caution from counter drivers, be not too lazy to thank their gesture of the hand turned by a palm forward. As a rule, blink some counter machines so you, most likely, do not pass this signal. One long "hooter" "distant" in a back means: “ Give road! ”, and if to face or sideways - “ Pass!".

The second variant can be combined with the long and annoyed sound signal. This combination of a signal is applied also in extreme situations at overtaking when, having jumped out on "counter", the driver has not time to finish maneuver and asks the counter car to accept more to the right safely to part. One short "shot" to face or sideways a headlight in a city jam means: “ Pass, I pass! ”. It is actual, when, for example, the counter car needs to turn, and "fuse" on road prevents to make to it this maneuver. There is very good driver's habit - always to include signals of turn even if it, at first sight, and is not necessary. If you are assured that “ a signal of turn ” are intended only for the instruction of a direction of movement, you are mistaken - it is possible to do by them still weight of any useful things.

For example, inclusion left “ a signal of turn ” in an extreme left line - the request to accept more to the right and to enable ahead going car it to overtake. It is applied seldom enough, but in a combination to "shot" "distant" gives quite good effect. The left index of turn included on a line by the driver of the car which has made overtaking, but does not come back yet to the lane, - a signal for other cars lasting, for example, behind a tractor, that ahead on a strip of counter movement is free and it is possible to make overtaking after it. As if to sound signals while drivers have not guessed "to cipher" in the length or frequency of hooters of a horn any signals, except for a signal about the help. Therefore the main thing that it is necessary to remember, - do not press a signal randomly, nonplusing your neighbours on a road strip. Their reaction to your signals can be opposite that what you wish to achieve.

The horn is necessary for using, only if "hooter" can prevent road accident or for the prevention of other drivers or pedestrians of own intentions. It is possible to show extreme discontent and indignation of triple pressing the button of a signal. That you will vent anger on a horn of the car, drivers and pedestrians become cleverer not. For a designation of the presence simply press gas, squeak brakes or even stop. Believe, that for such decent behaviour to you be returned a hundredfold. Remember: nothing is appreciated so dearly and it is not necessary so cheaply as politeness, especially on road, and the neglect her has a principle of a boomerang: can sometime strike and on you.

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