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Actions at road accident

Rules of traffic order the certain order of actions to the driver who has got in accident. Non-observance of simple rules is fraught with significant complexities, therefore they need to be known. Rules of traffic order to the driver involved in road accident, immediately to stop. If the car has already stopped, it is forbidden to get under way from a place. Even if thus your car has partitioned off travel through a crossroads, and other drivers demand, that you have enabled them to pass, - do not hasten to move the car and the subjects concerning incident.

Before to remove the car from a place of road accident, it is necessary to fix position of a vehicle, traces and the subjects concerning incident at presence of witnesses. Your following step should be a call to militia. You depend on their competence, professionalism, mood, impartiality. But to wait, having combined hands, from them the set forth above qualities, at least, it is unreasonable - you have already suffered from destiny, it is time to take its functions on yourself. When inspector will ask you to tell, that all the same has occured, it is necessary to concentrate and briefly to state circumstance of road accident but while if you about it do not ask, details and happened can be lowered details.

By results of road accident the employee of militia should issue a line of documents. It is the schemeof road accident; data on drivers and the vehicles participated in road accident; explanations of participants and witnesses of road accident; the official report in which the additional data important for finding-out of circumstances of failure and decision-making on business are specified. All participants of failure receive the information on participation in road accident. One of fatal for participants of road accident of documents - the scheme of a place of failure where each superfluous stroke can have unpredictable consequences. Therefore let all will be extremely fairly and clearly. Pay attention, that speak and sign understood. Because sometimes, hastening on the affairs, they on-fast undersign for pure sheets of the scheme and operatively retire.

At drawing up of the report of survey of the car it is important to insist, that all damages have been described not formally, and very in details as in a situation when carrying out of examination is required, the description of type " a dent on a bumper " a little that will tell in your support. It is necessary to write with own hand a detailed explanation and to reflect in it all available objections. If you consider, that the reason of failure became a condition of a road cloth, reflect this fact in an explanation. In this case the employee of militia should cause on a place of incident of the representative of road service, in whose conducting there is a given road.

After drawing up of all primary documentation, the GAI officer is obliged to inform participants of road accident the address of division of GAI which him soon should be visited. There you will meet again for carrying out final " analysis of flights ". It is not necessary to stay idle pending final analysis, to consult with the good lawyer, with the friends who have visited a similar situation is better.

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